10 thoughts on “All signs point to a corporate takeover of the marijuana industry by Bayer, Monsanto”

  1. Sounds like they have weaponized it to harm even more people.  No other reason to legalize it except to get you on that health care merry-go-round.

  2. Pharma companies are adding harmful ingredients to the marijuana which will create a generation of Alzheimer patients. ive seen the Warning Statements printed on the companies info sheet. They are now building more Alzheimer Care nursing homes.


  4. Time to resist and grow whatever you want to grow that is natural, organic, and good for you. Evil persists when good men and women do NOTHING but be yes people. God made those plants, not them. They have no control of what God gave us. 🙂

  5. I knew they were working on the Take-over!  Israel is planning on taking Over ALL Marijuana World-Wide! They must be in collusion together!  I reported on both these topic's recently!  People PROTECT your marijuana seeds!

  6. It's simple, they need to take over the M industry because it is the most medicinal plant available. It cures cancer which I have witnessed in 2-3 months (terminal liver). Sad but of course once it's medicinal properties became more publicized it threatened their entire agenda

  7. Have had CO2 extracted hash oil, all sorts of strong bud, and edibles in Denver. And the new stuff is so strong, I always turn it down now. I tried it, and I've had enough.

    But while I was in Denver, I noticed how the culture of users supports the industry. The biggest fault people make is turning over their rights to grow for themselves to one of the dispensaries. The people at the dispensaries are constantly asking you to get your medical MJ card so they can then have you sign over your right to grow for yourself. So these dispensaries have the rights of 1000s of people and all they do in return is allow the person to have 1/8 of an ounce a month. So to me, everyone who gives up their rights to grow for themselves is foolish.

    And honestly, the way I saw these dispensaries run, it seems to me like they would sell out to the big corporations. So if you have signed over your rights to grow, I would find out how to reverse that situation. Because eventually one of these major dispensaries will sell out to Bayer and that means you have signed over your rights to a major drug company.

    And from the greed I saw displayed by the weed industry up there, I wouldn't think for a second they wouldn't sell to Bayer. The reason I say that is because the prices of weed are about the same or more than it was when it was illegal. So these people are making the high profits of a prohibition substance legally. So all Bayer has to do to put their competition out of business is start growing it and selling it for 10% above cost. And when you look at the yields produced from one plant and realize how easy it is to set up a warehouse filled with a "green wave" operation, you can start to imagine where this is going. (granted, they will lobby congress and make it legal, but by then it will be garbage.). But bottom line, is if a price war starts between Bayer and Local Joe Grow with maybe 6 dispensaries, Bayer can lose money long enough to put him out of business.

    So keep your rights. Learn to grow yourself. And if you want hash oil, you can buy in vest in an extractor. You might not get the super powerful stuff the master growers make. But, there are strong enough seed to be good enough imho. Like I said, I thought even the Sativa was too strong. Honestly had halucinations. The indica is so strong it just makes you melt into a couch.

    And honestly, the people I encountered who use all the time seemed pathetic to me. The whole thing just turns me off now. But, I still have strong political feelings about the subject, hence my rant. Bottom line, legalize it to grow like any other herb in your garden. Let anyone grow it for their own pain management. And grow the hell out of hemp to make paper and plastics. Its so sad how a company like International Paper eats shit loads of trees every day and spews out filth while hemp takes less to treat and makes superior paper. Same goes for plastics and the petrol industry.

  8. i know how to kill it,just send the mother natural seeds to whom ever wants them.We will keep the bastards out of the buisness by growing it ourselves.This is how they will kill users,just like the users of crack on the street with that grey dust.They will change something in it to make it very addictive then who knows?

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