How to Smoke a Bong by Billowby

How to Smoke a Bong by Billowby

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For those of you who are new to smoking or just picked up your first bong (congrats, btw!), this step-by-step guide will teach you exactly how to smoke a bong. If you found this video to be helpful, please subscribe to our Youtube channel or check out our other videos!

In this how-to video tutorial, we’ve done our best to bring you the most helpful (and beautiful!) guide to how to smoke a bong (or “water pipe” as some prefer to call them). After watching this short two minute bong smoking guide, you’ll be able to smoke a bong as good as anyone!

What you’ll learn in this “How to Smoke a Bong” guide:

1. The proper materials needed (a bong, a lighter, water, ice, and legal herbs).

2. How much water to pour into the bong and whether or not to use ice

3. How to grind your herbs and pack them into bong’s bowl

4. How to position your mouth on the bong and then light your bong or water pipe

5. How to hit your bong and relax!

Okay, now it’s time to learn how to smoke a bong. If you’ve enjoyed our video and would like to see more, please subscribe to our channel or leave a comment at the bottom!

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How to Smoke a Bong by Billowby