Uncle Moes Bong Magic Close Up of Smoke Bowl

Uncle Moes Bong Magic Close Up of Smoke Bowl

Bong Magic! makes cleaning your smoke bowl simple and easy by introducing the Smoke Bowl Soaking Bowl, a 4 oz cup with a lid, that you simply place your bong smoke bowl into overnight.

We recommend that you own TWO Smoke Bowls – one for using and one for a spare -because you never know when a fragile glass Smoke Bowl may break, and if you only have one Smoke Bowl and it breaks then you will be very very sad. Don’t be sad – be happy! Have a spare Smoke Bowl and you will smile, smile, smile.

I’m just an ordinary guy with two skull fractures, two TBI and twice in a coma. Sometimes I “don’t speak right” and people “cannot understand the words that are coming out of my mouth” so I write my script for the screen and play some background noise (like the Golf Channel, the Weather Channel, Varney & Company…) on the soundtrack. I do not speak on the video.

Besides, the Real Action is the video itself, watching da Magic happen right before your very eyes! The Uncle Moes Bong Magic, that is…

I use Medical Marijuana to relieve those pesky seizures, uncontrollable muscle spasms and frightening whole body “jolts”. Ah, CBD is good medicine.

As a connoisseur of Premium Medicinal Herbs, I use a MEDICAL INSTRUMENT known as a “BONG” that uses WATER as a FILTER to separate out the harmful tars and resins as the smoke passes through the water, at the H2O atomic level. The bad residue floats in the water – not in your lungs. (sounds like an M&M commercial…)

A BONG is a remarkable medical instrument that also cools the temperature of the smoke – unlike smoking a joint, blunt or a pipe where you are inhaling HOT air.

A dirty Bong will make the most expensive herb taste like sucking on an old gym sock so I developed Uncle Moes Bong Magic to simplify the Bong Cleaning Process. It’s so easy to use that even your grandparents can use it … without a helper or assistant. “Independence – yippee!”

And to go along with “The BEST Bong Cleaner in the World!” I developed Uncle Moes Donkey Stick (a 2″x24″ Bong Cleaning Brush) – “Bigger, Longer, Better” – NOW with Splatter Shield Technology!

The Splatter Shield keeps all of those little flakes of bong water residue contained INSIDE the Splatter Shield – instead of Splattering all over YOU! (Bong water smells really bad!)

We recently added the Unicorn (1.5″x19″) and the Rainbow Pony (1.25″x19″) bong brushes (with Splatter Shields) to clean bong tubes when the Donkey Stick is “just too big” for the orifices of smaller bongs.

I invite you to visit Uncle Moes Emporium for our complete product line of Bong Cleaning Supplies to find the perfect gift for your parents, grandparents, children, friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.

Your purchase helps a handicapped person build a better life, and a portion of each purchase automatically benefits the Charity or Charities listed on your eBay shopping cart.

So to recap – you get great bong cleaning supplies (at a great price) while helping the handicapped and eBay charities. That’s a Win-Win-Win, right? Go Green and go have a great day – today!

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Uncle Moe
unclemoes dot net

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*** UPDATE ***
Egads! Uncle Moe has gone brush-less!

We no longer sell or recommend brushes for the Smoke Bowl or bong stem. Why? Because we were able to recreate, on more than one occasion, the microscopic fracturing of the thin glass that makes up the Smoke Bowl Air Hole. As the baked-on resins get “flung off” from the twisting action of a brush the carbon “pulls” the tiny fragments of glass with it, causing damage to the smoke bowl air hole. This led to the discovery that – with Uncle Moes Bong Magic- you don’t need no stinking brush to achieve superior cleaning results.

As you watch this outdated video please keep in mind that the brushes have been replaced by cleaning swabs. The new videos can be found with the search “Uncle Moes Bong Brushless”. As we produce more videos these old videos will be pulled down, but for now, it’s kinda cool to have a full screen of search results that all about Uncle Moes Bong!
Uncle Moes Bong Magic Close Up of  Smoke Bowl