DIY Dry Trimmer Design Concept for Under £15! And Migro Tent Update

DIY Dry Trimmer Design Concept for Under £15! And Migro Tent Update

Please Watch the whole video folks. Ok…so at risk of causing a shitstorm (and please don’t think for a moment that I want to) but…I’m gonna post this. I’ve been seeing people posting about a certain dry trimming bag. It costs around £300 + Shipping 😱 and is essentially a pop-up laundry bag with a screen in the middle and zip on each end 🤣🙈. The screen is almost identical to those in the base of an airpot. And an @airpotsystem pot costs about £5.50 at my local grow store…add on another £3-£5 for a 20-25L bucket…boom…1 dry trimmer for £10…I’m all for supporting companies that do good for the industry and I wholeheartedly standby the companies that I support and that support me, but when I see bullshit ones that mug people off I feel like I have to say something. This obviously isn’t a slick looking bag…but it also doesn’t cost £300 and unfortunately for the slick looking laundry bag, it does pretty much the same job. Oh…and its @barneys_farm Blue Gelato 41 that I trimmed up in the video by the way guys ☄☄😍 As I said please don’t start a shitstorm…just be informed folks 💚💚💚💚 #greenvalleybuds

I Hope you like the concept.

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DIY Dry Trimmer Design Concept for Under £15! And Migro Tent Update