CO2 GRO Stock a BUY? (TSXV: GROW) (OTCQB: BLONF) Is This a Marijuana Stock or Not?

CO2 GRO Stock a BUY? (TSXV: GROW) (OTCQB: BLONF) Is This a Marijuana Stock or Not?
CO2 GRO Stock a BUY? (TSXV: GROW) (OTCQB: BLONF) Is This a Marijuana Stocks or Not?

What’s up fam, my name is Antonio, and on this channel, we bring you the newest, hottest and most interesting investment opportunities out there!

And oh boy, do we have an interesting one today.

You probably read the title so it’s no secret anymore, we’re talking CO2 GRO (TSXV: GROW) (OTCQB: BLONF) today. The company based in Toronto, Canada and is listed on both the (TSXV: GROW) (OTCQB: BLONF).

Before we start we want to give a quick shout out to Midas letter for the tip as we recently saw an interview with their CEO which gave us the idea to make a video about CO2 GRO (TSXV: GROW) (OTCQB: BLONF)!

So, CO2 GRO (TSXV: GROW) (OTCQB: BLONF) is a Canadian based company that uses their patented advanced carbon dioxide technology to accelerate the growth of all value plants safely.

The word you see up there is probably the most important word of this whole video. PATENTED.

It’s super important for a company to have patents on their products so, that if anyone else would want to use it they’d have to pay for it, and the technology can’t be made again without their permission.

Just as Warren Buffet says, A good business is like a strong castle with a deep moat around it. It’s super important for companies to protect their intellectual property in our time and CO2 GRO (TSXV: GROW) (OTCQB: BLONF) already knows that.

So, this is a technology (or call it a product) that helps plants grow way faster through adding CO2 to the whole process, but no CO2 gets wasted (or at least not as much as it usually does).

So, if we’re talking about the business fundamentals of CO2 GRO (TSXV: GROW) (OTCQB: BLONF), they are great. CO2 GRO (TSXV: GROW) (OTCQB: BLONF) basically can help companies grow twice as fast and the technology is literally their own and no one can touch it without having to pay them (if CO2 GRO (TSXV: GROW) (OTCQB: BLONF) even allows people to pay to use it).

And the costs of using CO2 GRO (TSXV: GROW) (OTCQB: BLONF) ‘s product is also basically twice as low as the costs for using gashes CO2, that’s what CO2 GRO (TSXV: GROW) (OTCQB: BLONF) VP of business development, Sam Kanes stated in an interview, again, with Midas letter.

So, bottom line for us is that CO2 GRO (TSXV: GROW) (OTCQB: BLONF) is a very promising company that has something very unique for sale, something that is protected by unbreachable moats, and something that this north-American industry, the 200-billion dollars flower industry that is spreading so fast all around the world, this industry will need this kind of products and technology and CO2 GRO (TSXV: GROW) (OTCQB: BLONF) provides it. CO2 GRO (TSXV: GROW) (OTCQB: BLONF) is a company with licenses, patents and soon even with US contracts, they have almost 2 million dollars to use for their strategy.

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CO2 GRO Stock a BUY? (TSXV: GROW) (OTCQB: BLONF) Is This a Marijuana Stock or Not?