4 thoughts on “HCI Alternatives Springfield, Il Marijuana Dispensary”

  1. Just recently found your channel, watched a few recent audits , subbed, like your no nonsense ,take no bullshit approach , however i just gotta ask , do you carry a gun ?

  2. I know this comment does not pertain to this video, but it needs to be said because there is some incorrect information being disseminated in IL lately. I don't know where it started, but it needs to stop.

    There is no "failure to ID" statute in IL. It does not exist, therefore you cannot be charged with failing to identify.

    There is no such thing as failure to identify in IL.

    There is no law in IL that obligates you to identify yourself. There is no law in IL which provides for a penalty if you refuse to identify yourself.

    But it is a misdemeanor crime called "obstructing identification" to give a fake name if you've been detained or arrested.

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