Health ministers talk marijuana, mental health at meeting in Winnipeg

Health ministers talk marijuana, mental health at meeting in Winnipeg
Federal, provincial and territorial health ministers are meeting in Winnipeg for their annual summit.

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Health ministers talk marijuana, mental health at meeting in Winnipeg

7 thoughts on “Health ministers talk marijuana, mental health at meeting in Winnipeg”

  1. Groper Trudeau is going to follow the wynne lead, and try and save power by offering up all kinds of "Free Goodies" ! There is a cost and it's future generations, and the soon to retire, that will bear the true costs! Watch for the " Hail Mary" plays! Even though Trudeau thinks," Christians are the worst part of society"! Who talks like that? Yes it's a quote from Groper!

  2. What good are covered prescriptions if you can’t obtain any?
    Legalizing marijuana is great.. but it doesn’t help everyone and chronic pain patients are suffering due to doctors refusing to prescribe.
    In fact some patients have even killed them selves due to the new opioid rules… we’re suffering here.. talk about that.
    Alcohol is legal yet it kills more people than opioids! And the addicts dying are taking street stuff stop hurting us!

  3. Canada has always been a capitalist country. LOL at the morons in text thinking this is socialism.

  4. Canadians are as illiterate as Americans. Canada and America are in a British Monarchy, and have English Common Law courts. Well, marijuana and cannabis is not english. So its illegal to write them into laws. Cannabis is arabic word. Oxford English Dictionary says Hemp is english for the cannabis plant. And hemp is already legal in the US and Canada. So all cannabis and marijuana laws are VOID for not being written in English.

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