Jeremy Hunt on NHS funding, medicinal cannabis and ‘Brexit dividend’

Jeremy Hunt on NHS funding, medicinal cannabis and 'Brexit dividend'
Health and Social Care secretary Jeremy Hunt is questioned on his announcement of £20bn extra funding for the NHS in England.

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Jeremy Hunt on NHS funding, medicinal cannabis and ‘Brexit dividend’

20 thoughts on “Jeremy Hunt on NHS funding, medicinal cannabis and ‘Brexit dividend’”

  1. How to Spend more money on the NHS? Get rid of Trident that's a pointless waste of tax payers money!

  2. 1:30 – for the 70 years celebration of the NHS and because of Brexit I think they want some "positive" news – we will commit to 20 bn pound – but no annnouncement HOW they will finance it (TAXES ! – and againt no commitment that it will not be the poores that will have to pay – Snow presses him on it later). – The foxes and wolves in charge of the henhouse !

  3. so in a few years the UK will spend as much as share of the GDP as Germany and France. So ….maybe the Secretary could admit that the NHS has been underfunded.
    GDP per capita in USD in 2016 Germany 41,900 UK 39,8900 France 36,850
    BUT: the UK GDP contains a major artificial share of the non-productive financial sector (most of it does not serve the productive economy – most of it is speculation, money making out of money).

    Dr. Richard Werner has an interesting information on that

    Prof. Werner brilliantly explains how the banking system and financial sector really work.

  4. The NHS costs avergare income tax payers £5000 a year after this increase we will get taxed an extra £200 per month to cover it so a family with 2 working parents will pay £14400 in NHS taxes this makes it a very expensive australias health care is half the price with much higher standards accross the board.

    The NHS is a total rip off its always generated huge debt and a poor service its a bottomless pit for waste and freeloaders there will never be enough money for somthing thats given away for free.

  5. NHS is a dispensary of cheap, outdated drugs to mask symptoms rather than even attempt to deal with underlying disease. Good money after bad.

  6. As usual our useless politicians fudge the whole issue of medicinal cannabis products. It would be quite easy to authorise doctors to authorise medical cannabis where needed for serious medical conditions whilst still outlawing illegal drugs.

  7. They never asked where the EU contributions came from nearly half a Trillion £££ since we have been paying into the EU

  8. Listen to hunt make a slip from 5.29 min in the interview. So Hunt how much and for how long?

  9. As someone who lives with chronic pain, and has lived with it, 24hrs a day for 25yrs from Muscular Dystrophy and nerve damage and has been told by my local NHS trust that I cannot have Sativex because I do not have MS, I am glad to see the conversation is progressing. Of course the biggest problem with getting the Tories to legal cannabis is they don't want increase tax revenues. They want the NHS, education, etc to collapse in on themselves and make privatisation and/or PPP the only viable mode.

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