Keep Pot Fresh with Weed Bead

Keep Pot Fresh with Weed Bead
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Are you unsure about how to keep pot fresh? Check out Weed Bead! its a unique product that works!

When you use Weed Bead, your pot will:
Burn better
Maintain its potency
Have an invigorating aroma and the taste lasts longer

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0:10 – How to keep pot fresh for a longer amount of time
0:46 – The many benefits of Weed Bead
1:15 – How to use Weed Bead
1:38 – Is Weed Bead safe?
1:53 – Does is work?

Weed Bead is patented and this technology helps:
• Fresh buds to cure better
• Weed to become more powerful
• Trichomes to stay more attached for a longer period of time
• Enhance the texture, odor and freshness of your weed
• To systematically control its environment
• Reduce oxidation and retains moisture
• Lessens bacteria and mold growth

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Keep Pot Fresh with Weed Bead