LED Light AMPLIFIERS For Growing Indoor Marijuana

LED  Light AMPLIFIERS  For Growing Indoor Marijuana

PHOTONICA,INC is expanding its LED product range for horticultural lighting.In addition to the existing Spectrum Amplifiers(SA) hyper red (660 nm), deep blue (450 nm), cold blue 6500k,uv (385nm) versions, the PHOTONICA company developed a far red SA with a wavelength of 730 nm.
Because of these features, the Spectrum Amplifiers can be arranged close to one another and offer a uniform light impression.

All versions SA can be combined easily because of the same size. This offers high design flexibility for ambitious horticultural lighting applications, where each greenhouse lighting system needs a tailored made solution. LED lighting Spectrum Amplifiers can stimulate plant growth by up to 40 percent.

Different wavelengths address different plant properties. Thus, a combination of the 5 existing versions of the PHOTONICA Spectrum Amplifiers family (far red (730 nm), hyper red (660 nm), deep blue (450 nm), UV (350nm) and cold blue 6500k provides better coverage of the color spectrum and an optimal growth pattern. With this range of colors, the customers can address a large variety of plants.

There are several general benefits of LED Spectrum Amplifiers for use in horticultural lighting: Because of the single Spectrum Amplifier, the lighting can easily be steered and controlled in the greenhouses. Furthermore Spectrum Amplifiers are available in different wavelengths and lighting solutions can exactly be adjusted to the value the respective plant needs.

Spectrum Amplifiers have a longer lifetime than other lighting technologies; they are very energy-efficient and thus drastically reduce energy consumption over time. They also emit no heat in the lighting direction, so the plants will not be damaged.

LED Light AMPLIFIERS For Growing Indoor Marijuana