7 thoughts on “Marijuana cultivation on the slopes of La Soufriere volcano”

  1. Thanks for making this video, hello from Baltimore, a native of St Vincent, just want to see what I can find about St Vincent and came across this video. Loved it, Loved it, thanks

  2. For one day we to can have cannabis to look apon as a blessing n not have a bad attitude twords it out here in Hawaii …for cannabis is not a money ting…so I n I haffi carry out this kind of thinking so dat we all can prosper….much love n Aloha aina

  3. The Government need to really get its act together in terms of legalizing this super plant…America is already cashing in on this…St Vincent have the ideal soil which is enriched from the volcano and weather system which give a real high quality cannabis. Smoking is the least you can do with cannabis. we can have a bio fuel industry right here in St Vincent among other things that are derived from the cultivation of marijuana.

    Come on we have made a bold step by building an airport now lets make another, by making St Vincent the first in the West Indies to …LEGALIZE THE HERB!!!

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