Marijuana-induced Anaphylaxis and My Life

Marijuana-induced Anaphylaxis and My Life
I do not own the rights to either of the songs I used, they of course belong to My Chemical Romance, and I bought them fair and square on iTunes because I am not a chump and I support the people I love.
Song 1: Fake your Death by My Chemical Romance
Song 2: Surrender the Night by My Chemical Romance

I’d also like to point out that there are more and more articles on the subject every time I google it! It makes me so happy! The more we study it, the closer we get to figuring out the allergic ingredient… meaning some day, there could be allergy shots to help us!

Here are some links to more personal stories:

Marijuana Allergies – Hear it straight from a REAL anaphylactic allergy patient!

One Resident’s Cannabis Allergy vs Another’s Need for Medical Marijuana

And some science/medical stuff:

Add marijuana to the list of potentially dangerous allergens

Marijuana-induced Anaphylaxis and My Life

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  1. Yes I am currently taking allergy shot for environmental allergies
    Food allergies I just need to avoid at all cost

  2. Thank you for sharing I have severe allergies food and grass evergreen trees dogs cats that requires epinephrine

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