Black Domina Cannabis Marijuana Weed Strain Review

Black Domina Cannabis Marijuana Weed Strain Review

Dark, delicious and devastating – Black Domina blends the world’s finest Indica genetics into a rapid-flowering, crystal-coated hybrid whose distinct looks set her apart from the crowd. Four prime examples of Cannabis Afghanica have been combined in this fast and easy strain. Domina expresses desirable features from the elite Indica genotypes Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant and Afghani SA, making her equally suited to the needs of cash croppers, ganja gourmets and first-time growers. –

Black Domina is a powerful smoke. The resinous buds range from a harsh peppery scent to the dark smell of blackberries. Not intended for the sweet tooth, Black Domina buds taste smoky and spicy, leaving some tokers wondering if the pipe contains hashish along with the weed. It embodies the indica high, with overpowering body effects. This strain is a great buzz for a day off or a nightcap when no serious work lies ahead. This multiple cross is basically the result of stacking four of Sensi’s heaviest selected indicas in one hybrid: the Afghani SA, the Ortega hybrid developed in Canada, and a combination of the Hash Plant and the famed Northern Lights, both of which have origins in the U.S. Pacific Northwest.

Black Domina is an Indica dominant strain with dark, almost midnight-like, colors. This strain is potent. Most users report feeling very happy and uplifted after the first few hits. This is followed by a numbing sensation that envelopes the body, which culminates into a feeling of nearly overwhelming laziness. The desire to sleep after using Black Domina can be too powerful to ignore. The negative effects are typical: dry eyes and mouth, occasional dizziness, anxiety and paranoia. The strong Indica effects of this strain make it ideal for night use, which makes it useful to insomniacs. Patients often report that it alleviates migraines, nausea, and severe aches and pains. Many people choose it for the relief of stress, anxiety, and depression. Black Domina is highly regarded by doctors and dispensaries as a good medical strain.

High in THC, the Black Domina strain gives a fast and heavy high that will leave you lying on the couch and can tend towards the overpowering, so it’s probably best as an evening hit. The buds have somewhat hash-like smell and the taste can be described as spicy, even peppery, with some berry undertones. Medical dispensaries recommend it to help with nausea, sleeping problems and pain.


Bred for indoor cultivation, sea of green method is appropriate but also works well as larger, multi-branched plants. Indoor hydroponic flowering time is approximately 50-60 days.
– Sensi Seeds

Black Domina grown from seed will display favourable phenotype variation, always with strong Indica characteristics – speed, density, compact stature and amazing resin production – giving any Domina female the potential to be a rewarding, productive mother plant. The phenotype known as the definitive Domina lady can be spotted early in vegetation by her extra height-gain, black-green foliage and huge fan leaves made up of slightly elongated blades. Later in flowering, a massive, sparkling, nearly-spherical central cola makes this phenotype unmistakable. Growers who are serious about cloning should select their darkest Domina females as ‘mistress plants’ to provide year after year of world-class cuttings. –

Black Domina, the child of Sensi Seeds, is 95% Indica. While not an entirely stable strain, it has genetics that include four powerful Indicas: a landrace Afghanistan, Canadian Ortega, Northern Lights, and Hash Plant. While Black Domina can be grown outdoors, it is highly recommended to grow it indoors in a hydroponic setup. Recommended for experienced growers, this strain finishes in 53 to 63 days. It reportedly produces a high yield that is covered in resin 90% of the time, despite being a multi-cross strain.



High Life Cup 2005 (2nd), Spannabis Cup 2010 (1st) –


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A two-time award winner, Black Domina features the elite indica genotypes Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant and Afghani SA. A long-lasting, strong high resulting in deep physical and emotional relaxation complete with a spicy, fruity and citrus taste. With such powerful indica genetics, this is a heavy-hitter and not ideally suited to the inexperienced user.

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Black Domina Cannabis Marijuana Weed Strain Review