9 thoughts on “More Employees & Job Applicants Are Testing Positive For Marijuana, Meth & Cocaine”

  1. White folks and Mexicans have been caught smoking weed on the bathrooms where I work and they still have jobs…some of them are MANAGERS smfh

  2. Some companies are turning to automation within certain job positions because they cant get white folks to fill them due to their drug habit & they refuse to hire anymore blacks than the few that they have there already.

  3. They're going to be happy to get people who only smoke weed. They really do need to stop prosecuting and stop testing for weed.

  4. The REAL dopefiends BEING EXPOSED, Y'ALL!

    R.I.P. : Amerikkka's 'moral high ground'. (As if it ever had one) 😂

  5. Some employers will not drug test due to them knowing the highest percentage is their kind.
    Sometimes someone must 'out' the employer on social media to garner attention.

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