Pot Prisoners’ Financial Fight: Let Freedom Grow | The Weed Show

Pot Prisoners’ Financial Fight: Let Freedom Grow | The Weed Show
DONATE TO OUR POT PRISONERS: http://www.freedomgrow.org/

Imagine serving years in prison just for being part of the cannabis community. Our country is seemingly more accepting of cannabis as more states legalize and decriminalize, yet there are prisoners sitting behind bars today for a simple plant. For many incarcerated, the financial fight to survive can be one of the hardest things. So today, Stephanie Landa of Freedom Grow joins us to discuss her own incarceration, her son’s, and how our viewers can help pot prisoners today.

Plus, we’re LIVE with your POT TOPICS from 5/25/17!
– Good news for women in #NewYork: severe period pain is now a qualifying condition to receive medical marijuana.
– Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker wants to make his state the first to require a drug screening as a qualifying condition for Medicaid.
– How much time to police REALLY spend fighting #cannabis? Here’s what the UK government says about their system.
– Are you paying too much tax on your #legalweed? According to this lawyer, not if you live in Oregon right now.
– A start-up company in California is becoming the “Mary Kay of marijuana” as it continues to cater pot parties to #seniorcitizens around the state.

DONATE TO OUR POT PRISONERS: http://www.freedomgrow.org/

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    Gatsby's REC Center​Hi from Tempe!

    Gatsby's REC Center​WOW this is the FIRST time i've seen a qualifying condition based solely on a women's health issue!!!

    Gatsby's REC Center​Looked at nearly every medical program in the nation. Too bad NY has no flower 😞

    Kevin Orsulak​your better off with weed ladies

    Olivia S​hell yeah from NY here i smoke weed for my period all the time

    Kevin Orsulak​helps men live in peace lol

    Olivia S​facts ☮

    Gatsby's REC Center​@Olivia S that is awesome! how is your program if you don't mind me asking?

    Maria Sanchez​Hi everyone. happy to be back on been mia

    Kevin Orsulak​welcome maria

    ProthoPectore​vote Vermin Supreme early and often 😉

    Kevin Orsulak​bullshit is going on dont like it

    ProthoPectore​why is it called criminal justice and not victim justice?

    Kevin Orsulak​the victem never gets full justice

    Miss HoneyPie​hey everyone

    Gatsby's REC Center​@ProthoPectore YES

    Olivia S​@Gatsby's REC Center haven't accessed NY's medical program yet…but now i'm interested!

    Kevin Orsulak​because they are stupid charlo

    Gatsby's REC Center​@Olivia S That is great to hear! Being legal is often the best option if its accessible.

    Miss HoneyPie​always know where people are getting their info & who is conducting the studies & if the study is conducted by a bias testing

    Kevin Orsulak​we all pay too much

    Miss HoneyPie​19% tax kills me sometimes

    ProthoPectore​do not go to europe. the cities are on fire…

    Olivia S​@Gatsby's REC Center without a doubt absolutely! NY's medical program has been pretty awful…but maybe they're working on changing that!

    Kevin Orsulak​fuck tax on weed

    ProthoPectore​grow your own.

    Kevin Orsulak​ahhh we still are not legal under ground is cheaper

    Olivia S​~$35 an 8th $10-$15 a g

    Miss HoneyPie​exactaly. they want to price out medical patients

    Kevin Orsulak​yep grow your own

    Miss HoneyPie​just hooked up my frind today visiting from fresno because she has been transfered to sf to get a new oncologist.

    Miss HoneyPie​made her tincture, oil, topical and funny honey and gave her some rso

    Gatsby's REC Center​I'd start by looking at the local government website! State programs always have a website


    Miss HoneyPie​i know she cant afford a lot even as a medical patient card holder. it gets so pricey. especially with tne tax

    Kevin Orsulak​co co co hohoho co lalalalal

    ProthoPectore​the charity of people is how the world turns. government seems to regulate people volunteering in their own communities to improve things.

    Olivia S​I was really just going to ask where I should look…thank you sm for the tip <3

    Kevin Orsulak​dank of the day pink kush

    Miss HoneyPie​ooo lemon meringue. love the lemon

    Gatsby's REC Center​kylanorton94@gmail.com if you need more help @Olivia S ❤ best of luck!

    Kevin Orsulak​super sour og

    ProthoPectore​"stop a douchebag" on youtube – these members of their community stop people from driving on the sidewalks. the police only show up if someone gets hit by a car. it's fairly genius 😉

    Kevin Orsulak​be right over lol

    Gatsby's REC Center​So true Protho

    Kevin Orsulak​gas house

    ProthoPectore​we need something along the same lines for cannabis. we could sticker the schit outta politicians who dont listen to their electorate.

    Gatsby's REC Center​all these concentrates …. !!!!

    ProthoPectore​you guys could just smoke whats already in the hitter….

    Miss HoneyPie​i finally had one of the shine honey tabacco leaves with some strawberry cough and gg#4 has and some tahoe og kush

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    Miss HoneyPie​kelly's is all outdoor, house made and lab tested

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    MrBakersClub​"If you lock someone up for smoking a plant that makes you happy,then your the real fuckin criminal" -PowerfulJRE

    Kevin Orsulak​thats so fuckedup

    ProthoPectore​another thing you can do if you get pulled over is to keep both hands visible on the steering wheel. if the officer can see both your hands their threat level wont be as ramped up…

    Miss HoneyPie​thats an awesome thing she's doing

    ProthoPectore​yes please. try the good jar 😉

    Olivia S​Ms. Lands are you hiring? I'd love to work for you

    Olivia S​Landa*

    ProthoPectore​and now we self report on D.A.R.P.A.net 🙂

    Gatsby's REC Center​This women is incredible.

    ProthoPectore​"because it's okay to drink your drug…" -bill hicks

    Gatsby's REC Center​@The Weed Show with Charlo Greene . FOR MS. LANDA-> Is there anything you learned from being behind bars or good people you've met?

    ProthoPectore​i'm tellin' ya, we need to retrofit and refurbish an old retired oil tanker. park it somewhere sunny….

    Gatsby's REC Center​Most wisdom i've heard in a long time

    ProthoPectore​i thought all joints were supposed to stick to your fingers and lips…. 😉

    William Bibbs​what's up everybody


    ProthoPectore​how far does $100 go in the whos cow?

    The Weed Show with Charlo Greene​http://www.freedomgrow.org/

    ProthoPectore​the ventilation systems are breeding grounds for all kinds of stuff in prisons.


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    hoopingmanic​For one year, to keep one prisoner in prison is almost equivalent to putting someone in Harvard for a year. Very expensive. 😥

    William Bibbs​love how the plant is doing how old is it now

    William Bibbs​excuse me how old is she now

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    Miss HoneyPie​black panthers scared the shit out of people cjz theyre angry and educated

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    Olivia S​This woman is the best

    Olivia S​Absolutely sex workers rights are human rights!!

    Gatsby's REC Center​Stephanie Landa you should be our next president!!!!

    Olivia S​Yeah Landa2020

    Gatsby's REC Center​Its an industry that deserves to be legal!!!

    Miss HoneyPie​legal prostetution gives women in the industry more power

    Olivia S​Yep and makes it safer! They can call the cops if someone rapes them or beats them up and they could have healthcare/benefits

    Miss HoneyPie​safer sex is always better for everyone.

    Gatsby's REC Center​Women deserve a safe place to work. ALWAYS

    Olivia S​💚

    The Weed Show with Charlo Greene​http://www.freedomgrow.org/

    Gatsby's REC Center​Excellent show today yall. Great conversation with everyone as always 😃

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