White House: ‘Greater enforcement’ of recreational marijuana likely

White House: ‘Greater enforcement’ of recreational marijuana likely

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is suggesting the Trump administration may crack down on states that have legalized recreational marijuana.
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White House: 'Greater enforcement' of recreational marijuana likely

Uh oh! Marijuana users could be in trouble!

Uh oh! Marijuana users could be in trouble!

According to the President’s Twitter feed, look where he’s headed!

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Uh oh! Marijuana users could be in trouble!

21 thoughts on “White House: ‘Greater enforcement’ of recreational marijuana likely”

  1. Thats strike 3 for me as a Trump supporter. Strike#1 Not deporting Illegal Alien Dreamers after promising to during campaign. #2 Not using National Guard to enforce Illegal Immigration laws and border control like he said he would. #3 Not allowing Freedom to smoke a plant that he said would be a states and voters choice. I could understand if he banned ALL intoxicating substances like ALL Pharma, All Alcohol, and All cigarettes for health and safety reasons. but not allowing just recreational marijuana is hypocritical and sounds like just another corporation controlled politician, especially after it has been voted by the people is Anti USA and Anti Freedom. And I dont even smoke weed anymore.

  2. I don't think your going to see reefer madness come back. I think what you will actually see is the Federal Govt putting resources into researching the pros and cons of marijuana use for the first time. I think they will look at actual statistics in their decision making for legal recreational marijuana, which means comparing them to recreational alcohol. So I'm not worried.

  3. The most used drug is pills! Blew right past pot at record speed. What do people want? Pot heads or pill heads? Pills are legal/

  4. all of this is lies once again from this guy.,.,on the contrary marijuana is going to be legalized in every state soon.,.,i have friends that actually actively works for the feds, bne enforcement/ dea, all of this is lies.,.,.,

  5. Alright, there is something that I've just got to say. I live in Washington, where recreational marijuana use has been legalized, and weed has absolutely flooded the state since then. There are weed farms going up all over my county, and people will get really upset if anything negative about weed is ever said. I recognize that marijuana has medicinal benefits for certain health conditions, and I would recommend it in place of the pills made by the pharmaceutical companies in many circumstances. I also believe in personal responsibility and recognize that prohibition of alcohol just made things worse, even though alcohol is obviously a harmful substance that causes a lot of problems. I don't agree with how our government has waged "the war on drugs," but that was a result of corruption and profiteering off of the criminalization of drugs without actually trying to stop the flow of drugs. That has nothing to do with the merits of the drugs themselves. I smoked weed for 9 years. I experimented with some hard drugs (meth and ecstasy) briefly first because of peer pressure and a depressing season of life, but the effects of the comedown was so horrible that it was traumatizing and I swore never to touch the stuff again. I started smoking only weed, comforting myself with the idea that weed was a "good" drug with no negative effects because that's what everybody kept saying about it. At first, I thought it was great. It felt good, it was fun, and even the comedown wasn't bad other than getting tired and lazy. Sometimes it was really uncomfortable when you get too high, but all you had to do was wait until you come down. After constant use for 9 years though, I became sick, constantly. I kept wondering why. I changed my diet, took vitamins, and did whatever I could to live a more healthy lifestyle, but I kept getting sick. I really started to notice that I would get the most sick after smoking or when I was coming down so I thought that maybe I was smoking some moldy bud or something. I started smoking only the cleanest and highest quality bud from legitimate dispensaries, but I was still constantly sick. The last time I smoked a bowl, I was messed up for 3 straight days without smoking any more the whole time. I had dizziness so bad that I could barely walk, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, my heart was racing, skin crawling, sweatiness, shaking, all this painful pressure in my head, couldn't eat or sleep, some hallucinations, unbearable irritability, and, worst of all, it felt like my entire nervous system was on fire. I felt painful spasms in my nerves flowing throughout my body in waves. It felt just like being sick off of meth. All I could do was stumble around praying for it to pass because I couldn't sit still, and I had to take a hot shower every hour or so just to get through it. After that, I couldn't even smell weed without getting sick, and I began to question whether what everybody said about weed being totally safe was actually true. So I started doing research. What do you think I found? Contrary to popular opinion, people go to the ER from getting sick from weed all the time, and it's not just in their head, either. I found that all the symptoms I had experienced were being described as a little understood condition called cannabinoid hyperemesis. A lot of doctors think it is caused by the nervous system being overwhelmed by years of getting high and crashing over and over from marijuana use. That's the effect that narcotics can have on the human body. Imagine that! ER visits from weed have doubled in my state since recreational use of marijuana was legalized. It then occurred to me that many stoners I know complain about getting sick all the time, but nobody ever considers the fact that it might be caused by marijuana. Apparently, people often spend massive amounts of money trying to diagnose their illness because they don't realize that smoking weed is causing illness. I actually know a woman who spent a week in the hospital for psychosis caused by smoking weed, thinking aliens were chasing her and spiders crawling all over her and everything, but everybody just assumed that she already had a mental condition and smoking weed just triggered it, not caused it. It all went away when she quit though. I am very concerned about how many kids are all smoking weed right now thinking that it is 100% safe with no negative effects because that is what everybody keeps saying. Marijuana is a drug, and there are negative effects that nobody talks about. If I ever need medicinal marijuana for anything, I can't use it now because I've used it too much and my body reacts horribly to it now, even though it didn't when I first started. They haven't done enough research to fully understand all the effects marijuana can have. Everybody use to think that smoking tobacco was healthy, too, and some Native American tribes still think it is. Whoops! I'm sick of everybody freaking out at the slightest criticism of weed because if I wasn't convinced by everybody saying it was so totally safe for those 9 years, I wouldn't have had to go through all that misery, and I don't want all the teens in my state falling into the same trap. I think that prohibition of alcohol didn't work and trying to do the same thing with weed won't stop people from doing it and it's a waste of government resources, but I'm sick of all the propaganda about weed not being a drug and not having negative effects. So if they criminalize recreational use of marijuana again and reserve it for medicinal purposes only, I don't even care at this point. There needs to be more research on it without bias skewing the results, and research on long-term use, not just short-term. And for all those Christians that think marijuana is above reproach because it is some magical gift from God that He wants us to get high off of all the time, you are full of crap! Jesus refused to get high when he was offered narcotics to numb the pain of going to the cross so what excuse can you possibly have? The Bible says that anyone who claims to be a follower of Jesus must walk as Jesus walked. It also says not to be drunk on wine, but to be filled with the Spirit. If you want to say that this verse only talks about alcohol you are missing the point. Did you expect Paul to list every single substance that can get you drunk or high? He is obviously saying that we are to find our high in the Holy Spirit of God as opposed to finding it in mind altering substances. Stoners are breaking the second commandment, do not make for yourself an idol. If you want to say that in Genesis 1 God gave all the plants for food, and that is the excuse for getting high off of smoking weed, you do realize that the fall of man and sin being brought into the world affected creation, don't you? Marijuana probably didn't even have a mind altering effect back then. Poison ivy is also a plant. Does that mean that God wants you to smoke that too? Go ahead and kill yourself then, I guess. Perhaps God did provide marijuana to be used medicinally, in fact I think that is the case, but abusing drugs for the euphoria is not justified, and claiming that there is nothing harmful about it is doing everyone a disservice. I will probably be attacked for saying this, but I had to because I thought weed was totally safe and I suffered for it. I don't know why there aren't more people speaking out about this.

  6. Add Combat Vets to the list of lawful users… They've been through enough not to mention getting pounds of shit pills forced upon them by crap VA doctors.

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