Why Ontario’s Plan For Cannabis Legalization Will Be A Complete Disaster

Why Ontario’s Plan For Cannabis Legalization Will Be A Complete Disaster
All it takes is some perspective to see how terrible Ontario’s plan for cannabis legalization will be.


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Why Ontario’s Plan For Cannabis Legalization Will Be A Complete Disaster

19 thoughts on “Why Ontario’s Plan For Cannabis Legalization Will Be A Complete Disaster”

  1. The reason the government is spending more money now and IMO will continue to spend more is because now they are competing with other cannabis dealers… Gotta elementary the competition

  2. I'd rather have a stripped back decriminalized system then fuckin corporate or state-run weed, its just a lot more pragmatic let people grow it themselves.

  3. David, is the history of hemp plant / marijuana being deemed illegal the same or similar in Canada as in U.S.? Many accounts have its illegalization due to underhanded forest products industry manipulation, like paper and pulp mills didnt want the competition from hemp, and some racist overtones bc blacks were thought to be scary users of smoking it. Not so much to do with anti-drug reasons in total but "follow the money" reasons more so. I havent research those claims. Just wondering its history in Canada. Why was the plant first made illegal and who pushed for that? Who used it as a drug there, culturally if there was a certain group and how was it depicted?

  4. Toronto won't be able to meet demand and people are going to start rioting because they can't smoke weed a chill

  5. This is were capitalism works. Use the government to regulate but not sell goods with the exception of necessary utilities like water, electricity, etc. Use the free market to meet the demand of good like a car, shoes, and liquor and weed.

  6. The government shouldn't have control, but if they must, they should just control the growing , let the free market sell it

  7. For those who do not know, "LCBO" is the government-run liquor store. This means they plan on selling the marijuana in the liquor stores. BUT ONLY in select liquor stores, not all.

  8. Yeah no kidding that's not going to meet demand. There's basically an illegal dispensary on every street corner in Hamilton, Ontario, with more opening up in basically every empty store front that exists, and they're all consistently busy. I have never gone and there not been a lineup. This is going to fail harder than anything.

    It sucks, but legalizing weed is going to force me to go back to buying it from dealers.

  9. The Federal government is just not good at commerce, they never were and they never will be simply because you need to understand that there’s a whole ideology out there rather it’s in our nation or yours that thinks differently than you. Conservatives are what slows down the process with the government programs because they have always cut the funding, republicans cut funding to education, social security, Medicare; every single government program you can think of has been cut by them. These cuts make it virtually impossible for the Federal government to help you and every time you attack liberals, you are buying into the argument that the Gov’t is bad, this is exactly what the republicans want the public to think, that government is just so chaotic, that it’s unworkable, but you need to understand that they're the reason why it’s slow. It’s just like Benghazi, the republicans cut the funding to the security and If you notice the republicans leave that part of the story out while they’re blaming Obama, and Hillary Clinton

  10. The Colorado Govt. doesn't control the day to day operations but it does control the business, in that dispensaries must meet requirements, pay all applicable fees and obtain the correct licenses. You can't just 1 day start selling marijuana. It is regulated by the state and there are laws that cover things like, possession, distribution, cultivation, etc. The number of licensed dispensaries is actual around 900, but about 300 of those are in both markets in a single locations. Colorado law requires separate licenses for recreational and medical dispensaries, in other words if a single location wants to sell in both markets it has to have a separate licenses in each of the markets.

  11. shopper's drug mart and rexall aren't too happy, shopper's particularily, they spend a ton of time and money lobbying for the right to sell pot, then the liberals gave it to the LCBO, i think shopper's would do a better job, but i think it should be open for any entity to sell if they meet requirements

  12. This just proves that Neoliberalism is more of a joke and is one of the reasons why Neoliberalism is no longer popular.

  13. The black market is you and me! Stop with the talking point of the "evil other", there's a difference between political talking points and reality. People are criminals not because they are bad people but because the laws of the land cut across their bodies and actions when we are talking about the realm of drugs. You keep evoking this image of the shady guy in a hoodie standing on the corner slinging dime bags and doing drive-bys that kill innocent bystanders, but anybody who buys, grows, or sells marijuana, even that nice hippie lady or the cool chill guy from college that sells you eighths is the black market. If the race baiting hooded character on the corner archetype is a criminal then so are you, and so am I, and so is anybody who just wants to have access to harmless bud.
    In the beginning the talking point of above and below ground markets was useful for the sake of creating a wedge issue in the social narrative about harm reduction and a practical path to legalization, but we have exhausted this obsolete narrative and we must now evolve our understanding of the social, political, and yes the economic landscape as well. Too often times people just want access to legal weed, they don't care where it comes from, they don't care how it was grown, they just want to be able to buy it without the fear of legal repercussions. There is no understanding or critique of fair business practice, holistic or safe growing practices, conscientious consumption choices as to who you choose to grow and buy your weed from, and the like. You just want your big agra legal weed which is going to be grown by Monsanta in 20 years if we don't update our rhetoric and understanding. Legalization at all costs rhetoric without any understanding or evolution of thought when it comes to other areas of significance such as the quality of life of the growers, their relationship to the consumers, and the well-being of the cannabis community will only lead to the cannabis industry being consolidated, absorbed, and eventually taken out of our hands. The black market isn't "them over there", the black market is us.

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